Ricochet Review – Marke Andrews

Adrean Farrugia: Ricochet

Who’s to say that at the end of his career, whether Toronto’s Adrean Farrugia will be known for his skills at the piano or his compositions. While that career ascends, you need to listen to both. Ricochet, Farrugia’s second recording as leader, showcases both talents. Recruiting some of Toronto’s heavy hitters on the jazz scene -bassist Andrew Downing, trumpet and flugelhorn player Kevin Turcotte -Farrugia creates a framework that challenges the players. The opening Mourning Star marries Farrugia’s piano, Turcotte’s trumpet and Sophia Perlman’s lyric-less vocal lines before the song falls into a light rock beat. Kiki Misumi’s cello and Farrugia’s piano work well together on the lovely Meadowlark. The Libertine manages to blend impressionistic playing with a driving beat; not an easy thing to do. As a pianist, Farrugia sometimes echoes other players -his solo on Lifetide recalls Keith Jarrett -but maintains his own distinctive voice at the keyboards. Here’s to a long career.

Vancouver Sun (August 2010) – Marke Andrews

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